1. Make use of hashtags to connect with people who are interested in your business

 Hashtags are searchable terms or phrases used by users to share posts related to the topic of their choice. Instagram uses them to categorize posts. The Instagram algorithm also makes use of hashtags to classify posts. The content posted with that tag is displayed when users click these hashtags. You can find them by:

  1. Search on Instagram
  2. Social media analytics
  3. Analysis of competitors

 Still not sure? Hashtags on posts get 12.6 percent more engagement than posts without hashtags. This is likely because users can connect to Instagram hashtags (as profiles). This means users can find your content even when they don't follow you. Of course, when they discover you and visit your profile of yours, they'll probably click on the Follow button, too.

2. Make your Instagram profile more appealing to new users.

 Your bio is an important resource in the Instagram advertising strategy. The bio is the first element users will see when they arrive on your profile. It must be welcoming and attractive enough to make them click that follow button.

 Pay attention to these aspects in the Instagram bio: Instagram bio:

  1. Your company's name
  2. A well-known profile photo (e.g., your company logo)
  3. A short description of your company's services or products.
  4. An URL to link your site
  5. Inviting people to take action, for example, buttons for shopping or email addresses

 Try adding hashtags in your bio and an effective strategy to grow your Instagram followers that can boost your reach. Pick a relevant hashtag and add it to your bio to make you more noticeable to your intended viewers.

3. Make use of a grid motif to create a quick impression

 In addition to your bio information, the grid-based content is the second thing people will look at while deciding whether or not to follow your company's Instagram profile. Consider using a grid motif and aesthetic style when posting new content on your profile to create a fast-lasting impression. This style helps connect your content to make it consistent and memorable. The options include:

  1. Black and white images to create a monochrome effect
  2. Borders on your photos to aid in making them stand out on your grid
  3. A jigsaw technique to transform smaller posts from individual ones into ones
  4. Create color schemes for all your content to help recall your brand and build a strong association with it.
  5. Illustrations that will aid you in standing above your competitors.

4. Utilize geotags to collect local customers.

 Do you provide local customers with your services? When you post on Instagram, you can add a place to your posts to provide significance and visibility. It's a simple and quick modification to your post, which can result in the content being highlighted alongside the caption and username. Instagram user name and caption.

 There are numerous advantages when using Instagram geotags, but they mainly aid in making your content accessible to Instagram's search. When someone searches for geotags, for example, an address, location, or even a physical address, they will be able to view any posts on public display that utilize the tag. You can make your content available and expose your Instagram posts to potential new followers.

5. Use Story stickers to create an interest

Instagram Stories are a method of posting content for a short period on this platform (Stories disappear within 24 hours). They can also be extremely entertaining, particularly when you use the many available stickers.

 Make use of Instagram Story stickers, such as GIFs, texts, emojis, text, and music. Ask questions and run polls from your audience to understand their needs and issues. Use these insights to improve your approach to creating quality posts for your account to attract new followers who share similar interests to your current followers.

6. Organize a (relevant) contest to target the right people

Contests on Instagram are a fantastic opportunity to boost your following. Studies suggest that contests can boost your followers by up to 70. But there's a fine line to walk between acquiring relevant followers and an entire group of engaged users looking for freebies.

To ensure that you have people who are your ideal person or customer, pick the prize that is relevant to your business. It doesn't matter if your products or a subscription to another service related to the prize must be well-coordinated, or you'll end up with followers who don't engage or stop following after the contest is over.

7.  Explore the different types of content

 We've briefly discussed the idea that, while Instagram was initially an image-sharing platform, it now caters to various content types. In addition to images, you can also post videos, Reels or Stories, and carousel-style posts. Mixing your content can help increase your posts' reach on Instagram as it allows you to show up in more places, thus exposing you to more followers.

Utilize the various types of posts and keep track of your Instagram account's analytics to find out which format produces the most results. What is the most shared kind of content for your followers? What formats are most effective in generating participation? If you can become popular with a specific type of content, you could dramatically increase the number of followers in a relatively short time.

8. Advertise your profile in other places

Promoting your account on other platforms is a great method to attract more people and keep track of your Instagram profile. The most popular strategies include:

  1. Add a link to the Instagram page on your site's footer
  2. Your profile is referenced on your blog
  3. Cross-promoting on different social media platforms
  4. Incorporating a link into emails in newsletters

It doesn't need to be an intrusive advertisement. It can be as simple as embedding an Instagram post within your blog post to highlight a point that you're trying to convey can suffice.

People who see those mentions on the Instagram account are engaged with your company in some way, whether as customers or potential customers. Therefore, they're likely to follow your account on Instagram.

 9.Post when your audience is the most active.

The ideal time to make a post on Instagram is when it's a hot spot for ongoing debate and discussion. There are numerous studies on the subject, and often they do not agree with each other.The ideal timing to post will depend on the type of business you are in and your followers. Individuals with specific interests tend to be active in the mornings, and some are night owls that tend to scroll through Instagram during the evening hours.

  1. Find out which times your audience is the most active on your app:
  2. Log into your profile and click the Insights tab.
  3. Tap the followers.
  4. Scroll down towards the end of the screen to see a graph that shows the most popular times for your viewers per day or hour.